1 Litre Of BioZest Concentrate Makes 5 Litres Of Nutrient Rich Sugar Free Energy Drink.

Tropical Fruit – BioZest Concentrate – Case of 6×1 ltr


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Case of 6 x one litre concentrate bottles.


One litre makes 5 litres zero-sugar, low GI, nutrient rich drink filled with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals to conveniently assist consumers sustain energy, lose weight, control blood glucose and hydrate the body.

  • Low GI, Nutrient Rich Drink with Functional Food Properties
  • Pre-biotic effect which improves micro-flora growth assisting
  • Water, MSM, d-ribose, citric acid, malic acid and minerals
  • Amino acids and herbs assist optimum health
  • Biozest does not reduce blood glucose immediately after consumption like a zero carbohydrate, the artificially sweetened drink does, thus helping to prevent hypoglycemia at times when blood glucose might be low before meals or if the drink is not followed by a carbohydrate containing meal. Biozest induces a lower blood glucose peak after consuming a similarly carbohydrate loaded meal. Biozest causes blood glucose to reduce quicker towards normal/ideal level following a carbohydrate containing meal.
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Tropical Fruit – BioZest Concentrate – Case of 6×1 ltr


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